Elevator Drives AFE2000 By Delta

elevator drivesDelta is rewarding its users and guaranteeing energy returns when using their elevator drives.

Without an elevator every person that needs to go up would have to spend incomparable amounts of effort and time in order to get to his destination. Elevators are not only necessary for transporting passengers, but also for transporting goods within different buildings. Also providing a lift nowadays is essentially important for a more inclusive culture. In addition, when providing a lift one most not just think about the comfort level, but also the safety that an elevator must behold.

Delta’s elevator drives are equipped with a 32-bit high speed CPU providing fast response, large output torque, precise positioning control, a smoother operation, and many outstanding features to ensure that the elevator keeps a perfect level of timing when opening its doors, every single time.

Delta’s elevator systems ensure, fast response to calculate the required starting torque when different weights are in the elevator therefore it provides a more graceful lift, and it can precisely determine the car load to prevent null-speed slipping of the elevator.

Delta has made sure to add the energy saving feature as they know that there is a great awareness about this subject. Delta is providing a power regeneration device which is the Active Front End unit AFE2000 Series. The AFE2000 system is now capable of improving the total system power quality whilst collecting the regenerative energy of the elevator in order to be able to convert it into reusable electricity, which can be used for any other facility. The technology is very similar to the start/stop feature on modern cars.

For distinguishable industrial needs, Delta has also introduced the Integrated Elevator Drive IED Series which combines a host controller and a drive function into one drive unit which simplifies the purchasing and the maintenance process whereas it also provides reliable and safe rides within. An elevator solution using the AFE2000 Series combined with Delta’s elevator driver and the permanent magnet motor will surely provide energy saving results of more than 40%, all of which can be reinvested within the respective company.