Goods Only Lifts

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goods only lifts malta

FIN has become a market leader in the design and manufacturing of goods lifts, which are completely built in Malta. Our goods lifts are durable, resistant and built to our client’s particular needs. The CE certified goods lifts come equipped with the main cabin, mechanical and electrical systems which manoeuvre the cabin and a touch screen that provides constant information about the normal operations and any fault.

Our goods lifts are a vital component in any business operation, be it a manufacturing plant, import/export store or even restaurant. Wherever there is need to vertically move any type of goods, from vehicles to boxes to food, our goods lifts can carry out the task in a safe and secure manner. Today our goods lifts transport boats, loaded trucks, bulk refuse and retail stock to maintain the smooth operations of all our clients.

The two greatest features of our goods lifts are their safety systems and their maintenance. Upon completion of each goods lift a load test is carried out to ensure that all safety systems function correctly. Once this test is over an independent certifier issues the safety certificate for that particular goods lift. That means that the goods lifts are not only safe to operate, but also safe for a person to go into the lift to load and unload cargo. However, our goods lifts are not suitable for persons to travel in them.

The goods lifts require almost no maintenance. As part of the re-certification, which by law has to occur every 6 months, we carry out a safety inspection and carry out scheduled maintenance through a maintenance agreement. This agreement also guarantees that our technicians will come on site as soon as a fault occurs. This means that from the moment you order your goods lift you will never have to worry about anything.