At FIN we recognize that the construction industry is continuously developing into new technologies. Buildings are becoming smart and responsive and this is all thanks to construction automation projects.

Our team strive to assist the construction automation industry’s process with our range of products and services. We also have at heart the safety and the wellbeing of our end-users. Our approach towards construction safety covers the entire chain, starting from the first person stepping into the construction site to the last person stepping out.

In order to make sure that all our projects are made to last and behold the tenacity needed within this industry, we make sure to affiliate ourselves with the most suitable suppliers. We only use suppliers which have our own values based on quality, reliability and endurance.

In order to supply the construction automation industry our range of products include:

  • Electrical Switches and accessories
  • Hydraulic products, (fittings, hoses, regulators, filters, etc.)
  • Pneumatic fittings and hoses, (regulators, filters, etc.)
  • Motors and controllers
  • Wiring Devices
  • Security handles
  • Safety switches with separate actuator and sensors.
  • Operational indicator columns

We also provide different services in this unique sector. Our most requested service, on-site automation consulting and safety procedures, is ideal for anyone who is willing to carry out the work but needs a competent organisation to back him up. When required we also offer technical advisory services in different areas relating to construction automation and safety.

One of FIN’s greatest strengths is our ability to react and adapt quickly to our client’s specific needs and to offer a cost effective solution. Our experienced engineers and technicians allow us to build and modify products and machinery which are flexible and durable in use. In addition, our staff continuously works to keep up with the promise of providing superior products and services every time.