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automation consulting

Running a business is, for the most part, about making decisions and automation is no different. Whether you are producing, automating your operations or installing a new system, the only people who can answer your questions are our automation consulting professionals.

At FIN, we have a team of qualified experts which will evaluate your current operations precisely to find the ideal solution to your specific needs. Exclusively to our industry, we offer an unbiased automation consulting service catering to your needs.

We make sure to deliver every aspect of automation engineering and information management. Our main task is to help our clients achieve a competitive advantage in their particular markets through the integration of real-time control and information systems. Our clients consist of, small to large sized manufacturers and industrial enterprises. This gives us the advantage of having different ideas and experiences.

We also believe that the relationship we behold with our suppliers, amongst them Festo, Delta Electronics and Leuze, give us the advantage of having a better background, knowledge and knowhow. These partnerships give us the possibility to offer our clients a clearer automation consultation service.

An automation audit is the best solution to transform a traditional, labour intensive production plant into a modern, energy efficient, highly automated one. To this end we propose the most suitable energy efficiency technologies and make sure that no energy loses are being made by the machinery in question. This is done in order to reduce any extra costs and provide a quicker return of investment to our clients.

Our automation consulting services also include a safety audit. Here we identify and remove hazards from your worksite, whilst making sure that all employees are protected from any type of injury. These changes will not only improve the overall employee morale but also increase production through a decrease of downtime.

Whilst our team are experts in automation, we also understand our client’s concerns in regards to the time and financial investment. That is why we give a clearer image of which is the most adaptive system to respond effectively to the environmental changes in which it is situated in. We offer multiple options so that the client can choose to upgrade in stages, budget permitting.

At FIN we believe that choosing an experienced and professional solution provider is an important part in your decision making. This is why our team has the knowledge and experience to answer and explain all your automation questions and concerns.

We recommend that you book your consultation online through our website today.