FIN has established itself as one of the main providers of manufacturing automation solutions on the Island. Our team of skilled and experienced engineers and technicians are able to setup automation controllers which include PLC’s (Programmable Automation Controllers), PAC’s (Programmable Automation Controllers), and also corresponding interfaces (HMIs). We encode automation equipment such as motion controllers, robots, and many other machinery equipment.

We design and develop process control systems, from a simple pressure control function to a more sophisticated motion control system which contains different mixed signals. Our professional staff has also been trained across different disciplines being mechanical, electrical, engineering, software development. All skills make it possible to design and develop well though manufacturing automation solutions.

We also develop new PLC systems from scratch, repairs and modifications, and add to pre-existing PLC systems. We lay our trust in our main PLC supplier which is Delta, we have been working hand-in-hand for several years in this type of industry. Also, we combine PLC systems with other devices. In addition to manufacturing automation, we also develop function blocks which enable end-users to easily integrate our clients’ hardware products into a PLC.

FIN is proud to have several years of experience in the Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and Manufacturing Quality systems. Our systems cover every aspect including SCADA systems and full-featured MOM/MES implementations using comprehensive plant modeling, with data integration and visualization modules.

Our technical and engineering team, design and develop various types of packaging equipment. When designing packaging machinery our team always takes in consideration the needs of the end users but also the persons utilizing the technology.  Following are some of the packaging machinery we offer:

We have also designed specific services to cater this type of industry. One of our services is the repairs and modifications, this includes inspecting the faulty machine in a professional way, evaluating possible reasons and providing recommendation. Also, we offer a machine maintenance agreement and automation consulting service where we provide you with technicians which would assist installation and system starts-up as well as maintenance audits.

Finally we also have an extensive stock of pneumatic, electrical, hydraulic and vacuum components and spare parts. Our stock, coupled by our reputable technical support mean that you never need to worry about choosing the right part ever again. Our trained technicians can come on site, check what solution is best for you and deliver the part without you having to lift a finger.