“Home automation is a step toward what is referred to as the ‘Internet of Things,’ in which everything has an assigned IP address, and can be monitored and accessed remotely.”


Here at FIN, we believe that the concept behind home automation is the capability to ease the use. Providing additional convenience and offering an exceptional feeling which suits the unique taste and personality of every customer. We are offering this new technology which puts together the various aspects of automation and home integration into one common user interface, being in a smart phone, remote control or tablet.

We have faith that our home automation solutions will deliver security, elegance, reliability, entertainment, safety, and energy efficiency, as well an increased value of the property itself. Once you start understanding the opportunities of home automation, you will easily come up with a number of valuable solutions to make life better.

Our home automation will enable home owners to regulate and control interior and exterior lighting based on time/occupancy, automatically shutting off water when leaks are detected, air-conditions, cameras and alarm systems, entertainment systems, curtains, swimming pool peripherals, and much more….

Some of the advantages of choosing our home automation products are;

Living in comfort, as living in a home where temperatures can be set from a mobile phone or a tablet, without being physically there. This simple yet luxuries function provides you with a comfortable environment, ahead of your arrival at home.

Energy efficiency, whilst setting up the perfect atmosphere at home is what we want to deliver. Energy efficiency can be also achieved through smart automation characteristics which will turn the light-on/off according to a pre-set level. Also, we offer a built-in motion which takes care of turning light on when a room is not in use.

Unfortunately, we cannot be everywhere at once. This would mean that most of the time we are missing a lot of things which happen within our own home. With a home automation system the feeling of a safe and secure environment will be made easier through audio and video cameras. All of which would be connected with your home televisions, mobile phones and tablets

It saves you precious time, as today we find ourselves living in a busy world, and constantly running from one place to another. Our home automation systems will save you the hassle of having to run back at home to check upon the lights or maybe having left the gas open.


At FIN, we offer tailor made home automation systems which suit your family’s needs. The different opportunities of what we can offer you is large and always expanding.