2016 Apprentices Group Join FIN

Once again FIN has opened its doors to a group of eager, young apprentices currently following courses at MCAST. This year’s intake has been our biggest to date, with a total of 6 students, which shows a continual commitment to having sufficient staff to cater for a growing market. FIN is in its 4th year of operations, and, from the very beginning noticed a gap in the skills obtained from formal education and the skills required in the workplace. Together with MCAST and ETC, we have started a partnership of offering apprentices and trainees the opportunity to practise what they learn in the classroom.

The majority of the new apprentices are following engineering courses at MCAST. At FIN they have the opportunity to gain hands on experience in all aspects of automated machinery design, manufacturing and programming. The apprentices, mentored by our skilled engineers and technicians, are not only taught, but work side by side the rest of the team. They are encouraged to share ideas and offer solutions.

Another advantage for apprentices at FIN is that they are introduced to automation in a wide variety of sectors, ranging from medical to waste management and everything in between. This holistic experience serves to teach them how to use knowledge and best practices from one sector and bring it to other automation sectors. In this way the automation industry in Malta can continue to expand through constant technological advancements.

This year FIN has also engaged apprentices studying business administration courses, in order to support the growth of our various operations. These apprentices, like their colleagues, are given the opportunity to not only observe, but also actively participate in the administration of a budding startup company. By the end of their course, they will have had the opportunity to learn skills in accounting, purchasing, marketing, human resource management and company law.

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