Manufacturing Of Day And Hour Counters

day and hour countersThis week here at FIN we have been manufacturing a number of simple, yet awesome day and hour counters. This order was mainly undertaken by our young and enthusiastic, electrical apprentice team, whilst being supervised by one of our senior technicians. As with all our machines, big and small, the counters have been quality certified by our quality department. These counters have also been tested in order to make sure that they keep functioning properly under different conditions.

Our day and hour counters consists of two counters. One of the two counters will be monitoring the hourly counter, whilst the other counter will be monitoring the total amount of items being produced during the whole day. These two counters are precisely built to increment by the means of a single push button. Therefore, every time a person push’s the “green” button a “+1” will incur on both counters, being the daily and hourly counters.

This counters also includes two reset buttons. One of the reset buttons will regulate the hourly count, and will be manually reset by the person in charge. Additionally, the other reset button will be used at the end of the day, whereas the person using it will reset both counters. The counters were provided as an alternative to an integrated machine modification.

This day/hour counters provide our client with numerous advantages. For starters, monitoring and data logging of production can start being monitored accurately without the need of a major investment. In addition, the operations department can identify times of day with lower production and can take steps to improve this. It will also reduce the human error, as there would not be the need to physically count the produced parts. Furthermore, we made sure to keep in mind the machine operators’ job and sought ways to create an ergonomic and efficient system.


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