Adapters and caps

①Brand Type ONNM4
②Layer 1、Single color  2、Two-color  3、Three-color 4、Four-color
③Installation A、Foldable  B、Wall-mounted  C、 Disc bar   D、 Disc E、L-shape plate type
④Input voltage A、DC12V  B、DC24  C、AC220V
⑤Functions B、Continuous light   F、Continuous light with buzzer  S、Red flash  C、Red flash with buzzer
D、All colors flash  E、All colors flash with buzzer
⑥Wiring C、Contact type  Z、 Power direct input type (Positive) B、 Power direct input type(Negative)
⑦Lamp color order Color order from top to bottom  R:Red  Y:Yellow  G:Green  W:White  B:Blue
⑧Lampshade diamater 60、Diameter Φ60mm   70、 Diameter Φ70mm